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Storm out of the tunnel with a Heisman Trophy winner on your team and build a national powerhouse with NCAA Football 13. With one of 10 former Heisman winners on your roster, see if you have the confidence and poise to utilize his legendary skill set to win the Heisman Trophy once again.



Sights & Sounds – Revel in the pageantry of college football game days with NCAA Football 13. With significantly enhanced audio, new stadiums and trophy celebrations, NCAA Football 13 delivers the passion and excitement of college football to fans across the nation.

  • Featuring new pre-game traditions, including:
    • Reveille, the Texas A&M Collie
    • USC Song Girls
    • Purdue's "Boilermaker Special"
    • Military parachutist (Army, Navy, Air Force)

Gameplay – An enhanced passing system redefines the way quarterbacks and receivers play and react, while the read and react defensive AI delivers greater realism on the other side of the ball.

  • Offense: Quarterback dropbacks in the pocket and ball trajectory are truly authentic to the play called, while receivers track and fight for the ball. Add realistic quarterback progression and the ability to evade pressure after the snap more quickly, NCAA Football 13 comes to life.

  • Defense: Defensive coverage AI has been completely rewritten with a new read and react system that adds new meaning to the motto “what you see is what you get”. More accurately aligned defensive schemes and a variety of defenders’ reactions on multiple zone coverage areas add a whole new level of detail on defense in NCAA Football 13.

Dynasty – Dynasty mode is more engrossing than ever thanks to upgrades to recruiting, an all-new way to scout potential players and even more ways to interact with your Dynasty from the web. Recruiting now also goes deeper than ever with the addition of dynamic recruiting pitches. For the first time ever, your recruiting grades can change each week based on your performance in Dynasty mode. Game days come to life with mid-game updates featuring new studio analyst Rece Davis, plus the ESPN Bottom Line ticker keeps you up-to-date with scores relevant to your Dynasty.

Heisman Challenge – There are familiar faces on the field in NCAA Football 13, where you can build a national powerhouse with one of 10 former Heisman Trophy winners on your team. Under center, in the backfield, or split wide, utilize a legend’s skill set in your quest to capture the Heisman Trophy once again. In addition, you can truly test your skill set in one season – match your Heisman Legend’s historical performance and not only win the Heisman trophy, but also unlock your Legend’s ability to play in Road to Glory.

  • See if you can win the Heisman Trophy with:
    • Herschel Walker
    • Doug Flutie
    • Andre Ware
    • Barry Sanders
    • Marcus Allen
    • Eddie George
    • Desmond Howard
    • Charlie Ward
    • Carson Palmer
    • Robert Griffin III

Road to Glory The experience of being a college football superstar is now even more exciting with Reaction Time. This feature slows down gameplay during key moments, increasing on-field awareness and opening up more opportunities as you sense how the play will unfold. See, feel and create amazing moments with NCAA Football 13.

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Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Developer: EA Tiburon
Ship Date: July 10, 2012
Category: Sports

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